The Distractions Are Part of Your Work

Today, I’ll be cleaning and organizing my new office.

I really can’t stand cleaning and organizing.

I’m fairly organized, but the process of getting there is horribly boring. I’m not one of these type-A people who get excited about manila folders and binder clips.

There are parts of my job that I love. There are parts that I feel truly matter. It’s easy to look at these as my real job – and everything else, like getting my office neat, as just distractions.

The salesman has a passion for finding new customers but can’t stand filing all the paperwork that his job requires. The Sunday School teacher loves the thrill of hearing kids recite scripture from memory, but dealing with unruly kids is draining and something she’d rather not have to do. The touring musician enjoys playing in front of crowds but hates the grueling boredom of travelling from gig to gig.

But it’s all part of your work.

The less desirable parts are still part of your work. Organizing is part of your work. Processing your inbox is part of your work. Continually educating yourself in your field is part of your work.

And we are to work as unto the Lord even in these seemingly extraneous areas.

Rather than divide the activities up, we can choose to intentionally view them as tied together – as inseparable.


We need to schedule and make time for the parts that seem valuable to us, as well as the parts (like organizing) that seem like necessary nuisances.

Also, areas that we dislike we may tend to procrastinate on. What should take two hours ends up taking four because we drag our feet. When we shift our mindset and begin to take joy in these draining parts, it frees us to have more energy to complete them in a quick and timely manner.

Sharpening the Saw

Part of my work needs to be, as Covey puts it in First Things First, sharpening the saw. In other words, part of my work is educating and training myself so that I can be better at my work.

Reading and training need to be built into our schedules – not just nice add-ons if time permits.


Finally, we can bring glory to God in the activities we love and also the ones we can’t stand. I would even say that faithfully being obedient in the areas we dislike can bring God even more glory. I’ll be organizing my office, and despite the fact that I’d rather be doing almost anything else, I’m going to try to work as unto the Lord.

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