“Your Procrastination Solution” Questions – Episode 23

Your Procrastination Solution Podcast

Duration 22:51

Dealing with procrastination is often a highly individualized endeavor. Everyone procrastinates for different reasons; everyone finds victory with slightly different solutions.

Today, I get a little deeper into some of these more personalized issues, answering some questions sent in to me.

These questions were based off of my new (and free) ebook, Your Procrastination Solution – which I encourage you to download if you haven’t already.

In This Episode…

Here were the questions and topics I discussed:

– How do I deal with a persistent case of procrastinating with entertainment? (3:40)

– Could you talk a little more about the fear of success? (8:02)

– What are three tips that have helped you personally? (11:12)

– Is Procrastination a sin? (14:15)

– What should I do if I simply don’t like certain activities and want to procrastinate? (18:15)

Photo Credit: Al Ibrahim (Creative Commons)

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