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Your Procrastination Solution Is Here

Your Procrastination Solution

You undoubtedly struggle with procrastination. It seems as common to the human condition as breathing.

Scripture tells us it’s foolish, time management experts tell us it’s wasteful, and even our own common sense tells us it’s something to be avoided. But yet we still scratch that procrastination itch.

We don’t need more guilt trips. We don’t need more motivational posters. We need real solutions.

That’s why I’m excited today to announce the release of my new (and free) ebook, Your Procrastination Solution.

Brief, Powerful, and Free

If I could be so bold, I’m proud of Your Procrastination Solution. It’s the result of hours and hours of studying psychological research, practical tips, and scriptural perspectives on procrastination.

I considered writing a lengthy resource, but I know your time is valuable. So after combing through a mountain of materials, I’ve boiled everything down to a brief ebook that’s short enough to be read on your lunch break.

And it’s my privilege to give this to you for free. Again, I considered charging for it simply so that others would value it enough to actually read and implement. But I hope the content speaks for itself.

I’d be honored if you would share it with anyone else you think might be helped. I’d be honored if you would pray with me that it helps many. To God be the glory!

Your Procrastination Solution

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