Top 10 Posts from 2011

Looking back at the posts from 2011, here are some of my personal favorites listed in no particular order.

1. You Will Always Be Busy

It took me some time to realize, but I will always be busy. You will always be busy. Regardless of what we tell ourselves, busyness is not just the season we’re going through now. It is the new normal.
The key is to respond to this appropriately.

2. Do You Have a Time Management Problem or a Love Problem?

Perhaps your time management problems aren’t due to a lack of organization or methods or goals. Maybe you just need to love God and others more.

3. Dramatic Decisions Are Easy. Are You Good at the Small Ones?

Rarely in our lives do we get those major decisions where the road forks and we must decide. More often, our lives are decided by a pattern of small actions.

4. Prioritization: Don’t Forsake the Small

It’s easy to be attracted to the big, major goals of our lives. The huge callings and important tasks. But what about the “smaller” areas of stewardship?

5. Vocation: How God Prepared David to Battle Goliath

David’s years on a hillside watching sheep weren’t wasted time. They were preparing him for one of the defining moments of his life.

6. One Simple Trick to Increase Productivity and Eliminate Frivolous Breaks: The Prayer Test

This is a great little trick I’ve found to help keep me focused and working hard. I call it the Prayer Test.

7. A Bibilical View of Time: Shifting from Chronos to Kairos

Time was spoken of differently in biblical times. Understanding this is the key to understanding what it means to redeem the time.

8. Commute Like Jesus: 5 Steps to Redeeming Travel Time

We often look at commutes as necessary but inconvenient pockets of wasted time in our day. But I don’t think Jesus viewed commuting like that. What if we thought of commutes as blessings instead of curses?

9. Rethinking Church Productivity: How to Be Part of the Solution and Not the Problem

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend at churches and volunteer organizations. It’s really easy to think of work for someone else to do.

10. The Gospel is the Cure for Dream-Killing Procrastination

This is one I have to remind myself of constantly. Because we’re accepted, we can work hard and not worry about perfectionism and fear.

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