What’s the Missing Ingredient in Your Time Stewardship?

Time Stewardship Soup
Being an effective steward of our time can be difficult on a day-to-day basis.
But the formula for effective stewardship is about as easy as it gets. So why do we keep messing up?

Two Ingredients

Stewardship consists of just two important ingredients: information and motivation. That’s it. Pretty simple, really.

Information is knowing what the Bible says about time stewardship – how we should structure our time based on biblically correct priorities. Add to this the knowledge of a system which we can use to manage our time and miscellaneous tips to help us fine tune our practical approach.

To be sure, information is crucial. One goal of Life of a Steward is to bring you tons of good information on systems, tips, and tricks that work for you.

But really – that’s a small part of the recipe. It’s easy for us to have a misplaced focus on information because we’re hoping that we find that magic, simple system that does the work for us.

It’s the same reason people look for that pill to lose weight and have toned abs. Or that one simple system that will make them millions of dollars in one hour of work a day.

The Priceless Ingredient

We have more books on weight loss and entrepreneurship than ever. The same with time management. Information is rarely our problem.

In time stewardship, the most valuable ingredient is motivation. Information is cheap, motivation is priceless.

Motivation is the drive to actually put into practice the information that we know. It’s the energy to wake up early, to focus, and to not waste time. It’s the inspiration to work when our sinful flesh wants to rest and to rest when our sinful flesh wants to keep on working.

A Tasty Recipe?

Trying to have information make up for a lack of motivation is like substituting one seasoning for another when cooking. In small doses, it may still be tasty – though not at all like the recipe. But the more and more you add, the harder and harder it’s going to be to stomach it.

Now think for a moment. Which ingredient are you really lacking?

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