The Truth About Stress, Peace, and Time Management – Episode 2

Stress, Peace, and Time Management


It’s the number one reason why people want to improve their time management. We want to prioritize better, focus more, work harder, be more organized – and then finally we’ll get to the point where we can feel at peace with our schedules.

But peel back the layers a little bit, and we uncover some deeper problems.

Our desires to reduce stress – and the very sources of our stress – show us a lot about ourselves.

In This Episode…

Take a listen to find out:

– Why it’s especially hard for Christians to find peace through time management.
– The true reason why your schedule brings you stress.
– How we often try to relieve stress – and why it never works.
– The power of examining your motivations for wanting to learn time management.
– How our stress over prioritization reveals deeper problems.
– How the gospel can be the lasting cure to our time management stress.

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Photo Credit: Becky Wetherington (Creative Commons)

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