How to Stop Being a Serial Quitter – Episode 7

Duration: 25:12

Today, I answer a listener question about being a serial starter and a serial quitter.

It’s a tendency I can identify with, because I find so much of the same behaviors in myself. So I hope that I can peel back the layers and talk about what’s really going on deep down with serial starters and serial quitters.

Towards the end, I ran far off-script and got quite personal. Hopefully, you’ll find the podcast comforting and enlightening.

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In This Episode…

Take a listen to find out:

– The deep-seeded feelings that lead to serial quitting.
– Why you’re the harshest judge of your own work.
– A few practical steps on how to approach serial quitting.
– The positive traits present in serial quitters.
– Some theological issues at play in the situation.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

The Gospel is the Cure for Dream-Killing Procrastination

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