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Stewardship: Check Your Foundations


With an aching back, you go into the doctor’s office expecting some physical therapy or painkillers.

But the doctor realizes your real problem is flat feet – which leads to problems with your ankles – which leads to problems with your knees – which leads to problems with your hips – which leads to pain in your back.

Who would’ve thought that a shoe insert would fix your back pain? But it does the trick.

I find it’s the same with time stewardship. People want the latest time management tip. They want answers for their questions on balancing work and home, on handling priorities, or on being insanely busy.

But oftentimes, those problems are due to something that’s wrong under the surface. They have some core foundational belief that’s off kilter, and it’s throwing all of these other things out of whack.

What they don’t need is another time management system or another daily devotional – they need to peel back the layers and take a good hard look at the basics. And a good hard look at themselves.

A steward is someone who manages the property of another – you probably already know that. We are stewards of our money, our positions, our talents, our time, and much more. You probably already know that too.

But being a good steward is way more than just intellectual knowledge of the concepts. I can rattle off the proper “Sunday School” answers with ease. But when I take a look at my life – am I living what I believe? Or are my actions, feelings, and motivations showing that something is off balance deep in my heart?

Considering this blog is about living the life of a steward, I wanted to examine some core principles of stewardship. I would challenge you to reflect on each of these points and to see if, deep inside, maybe you need to remind yourself of these truths as well.

The Stewardship Foundations Series:

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