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Seth Godin on Busy Work

If you sat at work all day watching Hawaii Five-O reruns, you’d probably lose your job. But it’s apparently fine to tweak and update your Facebook account for an hour. That’s “connecting to your social graph.”

Waiting for your [inner creativity] can be boring or even frightening. So the resistance encourages us to flee, and where better to go than to the Internet?

The Internet is Crack Cocaine for the Resistance.

I fight the resistance, and I ship. I do this by not doing an enormous number of tasks that are perfect stalling devices, ideal ways of introducing the resistance into our lives.

By forcing myself to do absolutely no busywork tasks in between bouts with the work, I remove the best excuse the resistance has. I can’t avoid the work because I am not distracting myself with anything but the work.

– From Linchpin

Photo Credit: watchsmart (Creative Commons)

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