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Satan Attacks You with Good Things

Satan attacks with good things

Beware of good things, because the enemy of best isn’t bad. It’s good.

This is well known by Satan.

The power of Satan’s attacks lies in their deception. The enemy’s primary strategy is not to overwhelm us with his power, but to outwit us with his craftiness.

John Piper with a wise word about how tricky the attacks from Satan are:

“Set aside a time and a place each day and don’t leave it to chance.
The devil defeats most praying before it happens because we didn’t make a plan. If you don’t plan – believe me, I have been at this a long time. And the devil hates me and my prayer life like you wouldn’t believe – how many good things keep me from praying!
Not sin. Sin does not keep me from praying – righteousness keeps me from praying! Answering holy emails and other holy things. Just checking out one more piece of relevant news to pray about at whatever news service you click on. It’s not evil that keeps us from praying. It’s good things. And he is shrewd to the bottom. So pick a place, pick a time, and show up.”

When Doing Good Goes Wrong

There’s so much to talk about in this brief quote. It’d be easy to write a few thousand words, but I wanted to hit on one point that I found so powerful.

Satan is crafty and shrewd, and he may work through poor time stewardship to accomplish his aims.

And what are the obstacles he throws up? Distractions! Not sinful, evil ones. Not impending darkness or fear or depression. Not things that go bump in the night.

But the temptation to do a little more good while delaying the best.

Don’t Be Fooled

In 2 Corinthians 2:11, we’re told not to be outwitted by Satan.

Don’t be fooled: Busyness and procrastination could be Satan’s designs.

Take a moment to consider: have you been outwitted?

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