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Repost: Why You Secretly Love Being Busy

This week, I’m going on vacation with my family. I thought I’d take this opportunity to republish (drag up from the miry depths) some old posts that I like and thought were worthwhile. Feel free to leave comments on the original posts. I hope you enjoy these, and I’ll be back with brand, spanking new posts next week.

Today’s golden oldie is Why You Secretly Love Being Way, Way, Way Too Busy.

Think for a minute about this question: Would you say that you’re a busy person?

Let me guess: you only needed to think for half a second – and the answer is a definitive yes. I know that because everyone answers yes.
Seriously. Everyone.

Why is that the case?

The reasons are many, but I want to address a hidden and particularly nasty reason.
In a nutshell, I believe we like to be overly busy. We enjoy having way too much to do.

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