Podcast Episode 1 – Renegotiating Commitments


I’m excited to release the first episode of the Life of a Steward Podcast.

It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and it’s something I truly hope will be beneficial to you.

But before we get going, I do have a favor to ask of you.

Send Me Questions You’d Like Answered on This Podcast

Some of the best posts I’ve published were based off questions that readers have asked me. I really hope to turn a portion of this podcast into a question and answer format – so you could really help me out by sending me your questions.

So if you have any questions about time management tips or theological issues about time stewardship, let me know. If you have any particular struggles or issues, or if you’re looking for tips on anything, let me know!

You can send questions by filling out the form on my contact page.

Or you can Email me. (For all you non-spambot humans, I give the Email address at 2:32 into the podcast).

You can also ask away on twitter or facebook.

If you’re a blogger, let me know your URL and I’ll give you a shout-out!

Update: The podcast is now on iTunes.

In This Episode…

We all make commitments to others and to ourselves. These commitments take many forms: from agreeing to serve in particular areas to coming up with to-dos and goals for ourselves.

Too many of these commitments leads to overload, so we need to learn the valuable skill of renegotiating these commitments.

Take a listen to find out:

  • One important key to renegotiating with others who depend on you.
  • Why regular review and scheduling are so important.
  • Five steps to renegotiating commitments
  • How your humanity and finiteness is the backbone to success in renegotiating.
  • How you have to change your mindset before attempting to alter commitments.
  • Why you should think of yourself as your own personal CEO.
Photo Credit: buddawiggi (Creative Commons)

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