Even When Your Best Seems No Good, God Is with You

God is with you

You’re putting in the hours. You’re hustling.

But the results aren’t coming in – at least now how you hoped.

It could be a career, your marriage, your ministry, your health, or any area of your life. You feel discouraged and you want to quit.

You’re not the first to feel this way. Take a lesson from the Israelites.


We Are Commanded to Pray for Wisdom – Episode 17

We Are Commanded to Pray for Wisdom

Duration: 12:30

In the first chapter of James, we’re promised that God will give us wisdom when we ask. Not only that, but we are commanded to pray for wisdom.

This isn’t just wisdom to make the major decisions of our lives, but wisdom to handle even the seemingly insignificant situations.

In this podcast episode, I talk about this promise from God – as well as about the connection between wisdom and time management that is all throughout scripture.

Balanced Life

Luther, Opposable Thumbs, and the Work/Rest Balance

Opposable Thumbs and the Work Rest Balance

I once read about the concept of an opposable mind. It’s a great way to describe truths which appear to not easily agree.

Think of it like this: Humans have opposable thumbs. Our thumbs apply pressure in one direction and our fingers apply pressure in the other direction – and that’s how we can grab things.

In the same way, sometimes two statements push in opposite directions. But it’s not that they contradict each other. They’re applying pressure so that the truth in the middle can be grasped and truly understood.

Keeping that in mind, here are some great quotes from Martin Luther about the value of rest and work.

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Going Out of Your Way to Avoid Wasting Time

going out of your way to avoid wasting time

Occasionally, people will ask what scripture verses apply to the way we manage our time. With a narrow focus on strictly just time management, it seems like there aren’t many explicit references.

But it’s a humbling, challenging, and yet empowering truth to realize that misusing our time is a sin. It’s empowering because then all of the general promises and instructions on sin in scripture are applicable to our time.

Here’s one that hit me between the eyes as I was reading through Proverbs the other day.


Jesus Was a Finisher

Jesus Was a Finisher

John  4:34: “Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work.'”

John 17:4: “I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do.”

God gave Jesus work. Not to merely try – but to accomplish. To finish.

Jesus was a finisher.

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How to Tackle Unproductive Fears the Biblical Way

How to Tackle Unproductive Fears the Biblical Way

Time management isn’t just about avoiding time wasters. It’s also about zealously investing your time into what matters.

It’s about taking on the fruitful but scary projects, doing the hard work, and pouring your life out for the glory of God.

You may feel a call, a passion, a ripe opportunity to dive into something – but there’s the fear. The fear that you can’t handle it. The fear that you’re inadequate. The fear that you’re a nobody.

The surest way to waste your time is to give in to this fear. We need to fight it, but how do we do that?


Overcommitment: How the Early Church Handled Being Way Too Busy – Episode 16

How the Early Church Handled Busyness

Duration: 20:13

A lot of great and exciting things were happening as the early church was growing.

Yet that growth stretched the apostles to their limits, leading to overcommitment and chronic busyness – which led to further and potentially serious problems.

In this episode, we’ll take a look at how the apostles handled this situation, and we’ll learn some great practical wisdom that we can apply to our own busyness.


Sometimes Prayer Is Just Procrastination

Prayer is Procrastination

There are some times when we shouldn’t read our Bibles – some times when it’s not right to bow our heads in prayer.

It seems so unspiritual to say that.

And that’s exactly why prayer and Bible study are such dangerous candidates for procrastination.

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Why God is OK with You Finding What Works for You

God is OK with You Finding What Works for You

We’re pummeled every day by advice from the time management experts. There is no shortage out there of systems, tools, procedures, and approaches.

You’re searching for the perfect one. You’ve given the different methods an honest shot. But some just seem silly. Some seem too rigorous. Some seem like they won’t work in reality.

And you begin to think perhaps something’s wrong with you. You wonder if you’re just lazy. Are you just destined to be unproductive and ineffective?

Don’t lose heart.

One of the unique foundations of biblical productivity is the fact that you are an individual.

Not only is this profoundly Christian, but it’s freeing emotionally and beneficial practically.

Biblical Worldview

A Proper Understanding of Kairos Time

Proper Understanding of Kairos Time

When Paul instructs us in Ephesians 5 to redeem the time, he chooses a particular word to express his concept of time.

It’s not the Greek word chronos, which means measurable or quantifiable time. It’s kairos, which means a season or an opportune time.

“How much time until lunch?” would use chronos. “Is it time for lunch?” would use kairos.

This word choice leads us to a particular understanding of time. Unlike our modern society, Paul views quality as the important factor in time, not necessarily quantity. I’ve written before about how we incorrectly have a chronos mindset where Paul instructs us to have a kairos mindset.

But I think there is also the danger of going to the opposite extreme.