What Science Shows Us about Goal Setting

What Science Shows Us about Goal Setting

There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there about productivity matters, particularly when it comes to goal setting.

What types of goals should you set? How should they relate to what you do on your average day or week?

In Willpower, we see two psychological studies which seem to disagree. But with a little examination, they provide a clearer picture of some powerful ways to make our goals effective and powerful.

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Pray Because Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Good Intentions Aren't Enough

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

I heard this phrase often growing up. It normally was someone’s way of justifying or excusing their failure. They politely blamed everything on a lack of ability but assured you that you shouldn’t be too upset – because after all, their intentions were good.

And that’s all that really matters, right?

Yet when Christ said these words, his entire point was the exact opposite. Good intentions aren’t enough.

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Could Productivity Problems (and Writer’s Block) Be God’s Discipline?

Could Productivity Problems and Writer's Block be God's Disipline

There are days when you’re just in the zone. You’re creative, you’re productive, you’re efficient, you’re energetic.

Then there are those days when you feel like you’re banging your head up against a wall. Nothing’s working out. Nothing’s flowing. Productivity grinds to a halt.

Could this lack of productivity be God’s discipline?

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Matt Perman and the Gospel-Productivity Relationship – Part 2 – Episode 19

Interview with Matt Perman

Duration 1:04:28

In this podcast episode, we continue our discussion with Matt Perman, author of the upcoming book, What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done.

We had a great discussion, and Matt made some great points that I hope will benefit and challenge you.

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A Bad Mood Leads to Procrastination

A Bad Mood Leads to Procrastination

One reason people procrastinate is a deep-seated and subtle fear.

But sometimes there are other ingredients at play.

Research has shown that one critical reason for procrastination is simply whether someone is in a good mood or bad mood.

If you want to be maximally productive, take care with your mood.

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Satan Attacks You with Good Things

Satan attacks with good things

Beware of good things, because the enemy of best isn’t bad. It’s good.

This is well known by Satan.

The power of Satan’s attacks lies in their deception. The enemy’s primary strategy is not to overwhelm us with his power, but to outwit us with his craftiness.

John Piper with a wise word about how tricky the attacks from Satan are:

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God’s Half-Time Speech

God's Half-Time Speech

It’s the best moment in sports movies: the motivational speech given by the coach during half-time. The team entered the locker room disheartened but leaves determined and ready to play their best.

A lot of us are winded and in need of a good pump-up speech ourselves.

And God gives a great one – although it’s not quite the speech that we may have expected.

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Matt Perman and the Gospel-Productivity Relationship – Part 1 – Episode 18

Interview with Matt Perman

Duration: 45:32

It’s my privilege to air an interview with Matt Perman, author of the upcoming book What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done.

When you think about a distinctly Christian perspective on our time and productivity, Matt Perman is without a doubt one of the first names that will come to your mind. Listen in to this first part of the interview, where Matt shares a lot of great thoughts about how to be truly productive and to glorify God with our everyday lives.

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Don’t Let Time Management Feed Your Self-Sufficiency

Don't Let Time Management Feed Your Self Sufficiency

In Radical, David Platt on the disciples during the early stages of the church:

“This is the group that the spread of Christianity depends on. So what are they doing? They are not plotting strategies. They are ‘joined together constantly in prayer.’”

A lot of the interest in time management is due to our pride.

We want to do more than is possible. We want to perform to bolster our self-esteem. We define ourselves by what we accomplish.

The whole time, we may label this as zeal to be a good steward, but deep down that’s not what’s going on. In reality, we want to be Superman or Superwoman in order to feel good about ourselves.
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When Your Passion Is Cooling Off

When Your Passion Cools OffIt’s hard spending our days pursuing the kingdom and trying not to waste our lives. There are many dangers and obstacles in our path.

But the greatest threats aren’t the traumatic events or the opposition from others or the great crossroads we face.

The greatest danger is simply cooling off.

Not seeing results. Feeling insignificant. Thinking that we’re not really making a difference one way or the other.

But Paul gives us encouragement in the sixth chapter of Galatians.

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