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Busy Is Good

Busyness Is Good

I don’t know how it is where you live, but down in the South we regularly ask people how they’re doing. It’s a combination of politeness and unthinking tradition, and the answers are usually just as automatic.

“Really busy” is a reply I often hear. I normally respond with something like: “Busy’s good. Busy pays the bills.” It’s a light-hearted attempt at helping people focus on the positive.

But there is some truth to my joke. Busyness isn’t really the enemy we think it is.


The Key to Making Accountability Work

The Key to Making Accountability Work

The word “accountability” puts a bad taste in the mouths of many Christians.

It makes us think of accountability groups, which can not only be awkward but are often havens of legalism. Self-directed personal accountability is often lumped in with this and suffers from these same issues.

But I think that most people don’t understand the beauty and the purpose of accountability.

Accountability is not about punishing yourself. Accountability is not about motivating good behavior by making bad behavior as guilt-inducing as possible.

Instead, accountability is about seeing yourself correctly – it’s your chance to see the truth.

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Release Today: What’s Best Next by Matt Perman


Years ago when I began this blog, I looked around on the internet to see who else was doing anything similar. There were lots of material on productivity, but very little penned from an explicitly Christian perspective. But there was one individual that stood head and shoulders above the rest: Matt Perman.

The combination of his theological insight and practical outlook is unrivaled. He takes the often-thought-of-as-worldly areas of work, leadership, and productivity and approaches them from a gospel-centered and scripture-saturated perspective.

For the last few years, Matt has poured his blood, sweat, and tears (From what he’s said about the writing process, that might not be too much of an exaggeration) into his first book, What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done. And finally, the book releases today!

I highly recommend that you click on over and purchase it. If you could do so this week, that would be particularly helpful – Matt and his publisher have the hopes of hitting the best-seller list (which is based on sales in this first week).


The Most Powerful (But Forgotten) Source of Christian Motivation

The Most Powerful Source of Christian Motivation

The most crucial pillar of productivity is not the system you use, the tricks that help you focus, or the way you schedule your day around your energy levels.

It’s in seeing the truth and letting the truth drive you.

And the truth is that the Christian life should be one characterized by joy. So, too, with our productivity. We should strive to do as much good as we can because we have such abounding joy and crave to have even more.


Matt Perman and the Gospel-Productivity Relationship – Part 3 – Episode 20

Interview with Matt Perman

Duration 58:53

This is the final part of my interview series with Matt Perman, author of the upcoming book, What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done.

We talked mainly about practical tips and how Matt personally gets things done. He shares a lot of great ideas that can perhaps change your own productivity practices.


Six Signs Your Motivation Is Incorrect


As Christians, our motivation is crucial. The difference between righteousness and evil is often not what we do but why we do it.

Furthermore, we have a tremendous ability to deceive ourselves. It takes a lot of honesty to look deep within and see that your motivations are off.

And I see a typical pattern emerging again and again – particularly in regards to productivity and time management. I know that I fall victim to this so often.

I call it “Feel-Focus Syndrome.”

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Do Not Forget the Power of Your Dreams


I’ve been writing a lot about something that’s been on my mind and heart: that wasting time is a sin. It’s critical that we realize the extent of our sin and take it seriously.

Yet, too much of this focus leaves us with a skewed perspective.

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Numbering Your Days While Kneeling by a Deathbed

Numbering Your Days Kneeling by a Deathbed

It didn’t happen the same as it does in the movies.

There was no painful sigh of a last breath, no dramatic dropping of the head, no exasperated last words.

Instead, she just slowly and peacefully moved her mouth. Her pulse – visible through her emaciated neck – got slower and slower.

We stood there and watched, wondering whether or not she was gone. My dad went to tell the nurse that we thought she had passed. While he had stepped out, she moved her mouth a little more and her pulse picked back up.

A few minutes later, we hadn’t seen any signs of breath or a pulse for a while. The nurse listened with a stethoscope and verified that, after three weeks in the hospital, my grandmother had finally gone home to be with the Lord.

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The Biblical (But Counterintuitive) Way to Deal with Guilt over Wasting Time

Biblical way to deal with guilt over wasting time

It’s the end of December – a busy and fun time around the holidays. But it’s often depressing as well.

We only have a few days left to make good on all the goals and resolutions that we set for ourselves in 2013. For many of us, we’re far off the mark.

Another year has gone by – and what do we have to show for it?

When the calendar flips over to 2014, there’s a sense of hope for a great year ahead. But perhaps there’s also a sense of guilt at all the opportunities we’ve missed. All the time we’ve wasted. All the procrastination, the sleeping in, the unproductive running around with urgent but unimportant tasks.

It’s challenging to move on from all of this, because we have lingering senses of guilt. The consequences of wasted time are very real. Family neglect can damage relationships. Exercise neglect can harm your health. Work neglect can damage finances.

For me, it’s almost painful at times to think about how different my life would be if I could have better invested all of that wasted time throughout the years.

But the best solace is to view these missed opportunities through a biblical frame. Ironically, healing comes when we realize how horridly sinful our time wasting really is.


The Purpose of Hope: Not What Many Think

Purpose of Hope

It’s more than just the grayness and the cold of winter. There seems to be a lot of pain and heartache everywhere you look right now.

Many are in desperate need for God to reach out and give them… hope.

So I looked to the scriptures for a little inspiration, a little nugget of optimism to give those who are hurting around me. And there was a constant theme that kept coming up – one that took me a little by surprise and one that I just couldn’t get away from.

It all centers around God’s purpose for hope.