Sanity in Biblical Time Management: Understanding Failure

The key to biblical time management is understanding failure

The key to biblical time management isn’t stressing about the newest app or the organization of your task lists.

It’s all about how you think: how you view success, productivity, and motivation.

And one of the most important concepts to properly understand is failure.

Misconceptions here not only make us unfruitful, but they keep us in a constant state of stress and worry.

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How Writing Can Improve Your Productivity

How Writing Can Improve Productivity

The following is a guest post from Nick Thacker.

If you’re involved in business (or life) in pretty much any way, you probably have little rules for improving your day-to-day productivity. For me, as a writer, these “rules” look like “write every day,” or even “write 1,000 words every day,” for example.

Even if you’re not a writer, you probably have to-do lists, task managers, or an Evernote account–something that helps you organize and store your thoughts, tasks, and goals. Much has already been written on how to get the most out of all of these great productivity tools, so I’ll take a different approach in this post.

Instead, I’ll look at the flip side of productivity–not how to be more productive so you can write or produce more, but how to use writing itself to help you be more productive.

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How to Survive Working Long Hours

Survive Long Work Hours

In the last podcast episode, I talked about why I think it’s biblically acceptable to occasionally work long hours. A lot of people may initially bristle when they hear that, so I encourage you to go take a listen.

I wanted to continue that subject today with some practical tips on how to keep the rest of our lives intact when we do have to work long hours.

With a little wisdom, we can do our best to avoid any damage to our relationships, our physical health, or our other priorities.

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Sometimes You Have to Work Long Hours – Episode 6

Working Long Hours

Duration: 14:05

Things have been pretty hectic for me lately, and I’ve been working some long hours.

Is that a problem? Is that biblically acceptable?

After discussing rest in the last episode, it seemed appropriate to discuss some perspectives on work in this episode.

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Seth Godin: Let Discomfort Guide You

The Lizard BrainI saw a recent interview with Seth Godin, the marketing expert, creativity thought-leader, and author of several bestsellers such as Linchpin.

In the interview, Godin shared a pretty unique way of determining the priority of his tasks. It seems to be the exact opposite of what most people do.

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The Enemy of Prayer Isn’t Busyness

Pray Messy

In our modern culture, one of the primary barriers we have to effective prayer is simply being too busy. Or so we think.

In A Praying Life, Paul E. Miller provides two keen insights into breaking through this busyness barrier.

He calls us to examine our hearts. Then, we realize that busyness isn’t the problem. The enemy of prayer is a lack of understanding of the gospel.
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Jesus and Rest: The Master’s Way of Refocusing

Jesus and Rest

Rest has a way of refocusing us. I touched briefly on this in the last episode of the podcast (God and Rest).

When we live at a busy pace, rest is the chance for us to rejuvenate and avoid burnout. But it goes beyond that.

Rather than simply recharging us so we can tackle our work week, rest can change how we fundamentally view our lives. Rest gives us the ability to refocus.

And we see a great example of this coming from Jesus himself.

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God and Rest: Right and Wrong Views on Leisure – Episode 5

God and rest

Duration: 15:01

Many Christians have an incorrect view of rest. It’s evident from blogs to books to day-to-day conversations.

Our society has influenced how we think about rest and leisure, and we need to reclaim a truly biblical perspective on these issues.

Once we grasp a correct understanding of rest, then we’ll be freed to make some practical changes to how we engage in rest and leisure in our daily lives.

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Volunteering: God Loves a Cheerful Giver of Time

Cheerful GiverMy wife and I have been crunching a lot of numbers on our budget lately, trying to set aside a good pad of savings.

One major expenditure was the three-year commitment we made to give our church’s building fund. The last year of our commitment is 2012, and it was relieving when I considered that chunk of money could be funneled into savings for 2013 and beyond.

But then a wave of disgust hit me. How selfish and materialistic am I when I’m eager for our commitment to end so that I can spend the money on myself? In that moment, I was anything but a cheerful giver.

And as I considered my attitude, I thought about how we sometimes feel the same about time. Is giving of our time a cheerful pleasure – or do we look at it as a burden?
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Be Quick and Thorough: Getting Started with Task Lists

Getting Started with Task Lists

Right now, you have a mountain of tasks that you’re trying to manage. From today’s to-do list to remembering those appointments and obligations for the next few months, there are a lot of activities that we all need to keep track of in order to maximize our effectiveness.

There are a few different approaches to organizing this avalanche of tasks. We each have our own unique situations and personalities, so we’re not looking for a one-size-fits all solution – but the one that works for us.

Here are some thoughts on basic lists and task management ideas that you can think about and tailor to your individual needs.

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