How to Inspire Others to Be Productive, Courageous, and Hard-Working – Episode 9

How to Inspire Others to Be Productive, Courageous, and Hard-Working

Duration: 17:11

One of the questions that I’ve seen asked again and again is this: “How do we inspire people to be more productive?”

Whether it’s our coworkers, spouses, children, friends, or whoever – we run across people who seem content to just stay the way they are.

They encounter the same problems day after day. They’re disorganized, they procrastinate, they complain about constant stress – but they never do anything to change.

How can we inspire them to want to change?

Biblical Worldview

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Finding Your Calling

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Finding Your Calling

Being an effective steward of our time goes beyond to-do lists and calendars. We need to make sure that we’re serving where God wants us to serve and participating where God wants us to participate.

Finding our callings are crucial. Whether they’re lifelong callings or just serving in the local church for the next few weeks, our productivity for the kingdom requires us to be diligent in going where God wants us to go.

And I see a mistake being made over and over again that keeps us ineffective and unproductive.

Biblical Worldview

Refreshing Hearts in the 21st Century

Refreshing the Hearts of Others

It seems to be a common theme when I ask people how they’re doing.

They’re tired.

It’s the busyness of life. It’s the constant hours. It’s the trouble and the pain and the exhaustion that comes from living in a fallen world.

People are in need of being refreshed.


The Hidden but Dangerous Way We Waste Time – Episode 8

Duration: 18:17

In this episode, we talk about something that we all probably struggle with.

Time is wasted not in large chunks, but in small bits – a minute here, a few minutes there. Those squandered moments add up to lost days and wasted years.

There’s a practical component to this issue: learning how to have better focus and to minimize those wasted blocks of time. But there’s also a spiritual component to be examined. We need to make sure our hearts are right and not just our activity level.

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Practice: The Key to Constant Productivity Improvement

Practice: The Key to Constant Productivity Improvement

In the last post, we talked about how the key to constantly increasing productivity is the powerful but simple concept of taking time to think about how to improve.

But how do we decide exactly what to change? How do we implement that change? How do we know if our efforts are fruitful?

Luckily the world of sports and music has a lot to teach us: the process of continuing to grow and improve uses the same concepts that a tennis player uses to master a backhand and a musician uses to perfect a concerto.

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The Two-Minute Secret to Better Productivity

Two Minute Productivity Secret

In only two minutes a day, one simple tip could increase your productivity by 100%, 400%, or even 1,000%.

I know that sounds like an informercial, but it’s really just taking advantage of the most powerful, yet the most underrated, productivity technique you have.


Balanced Life

The Secret to Taking a Sabbath Day of Rest

The pace of our society is go, go, go. All day, every day, we’re battling with our to-do lists.

So the idea of resting for one day each week seems like a quaint, old-fashioned ideal that you’d see in a Norman Rockwell painting.

We know that we should have a day of rest, but our schedules just don’t allow it right now. Maybe someday. But this week? Seven days of work aren’t enough – how can we possibly take a day off?

But there’s one powerful mindset change that can revolutionize how we approach a day of rest. It can make that elusive Sabbath day a reality.

Balanced Life

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Prioritization

Almost any task you could take up has some value.

Working serves others and provides an income. Time with family grows relationships and expresses love. Evenings with friends cultivate community. Devotional time nourishes our spirit. Even leisure is a blessed time of needed rejuvenation.

But this can lead us to a dangerous mistake in our prioritization.


How to Stop Being a Serial Quitter – Episode 7

Duration: 25:12

Today, I answer a listener question about being a serial starter and a serial quitter.

It’s a tendency I can identify with, because I find so much of the same behaviors in myself. So I hope that I can peel back the layers and talk about what’s really going on deep down with serial starters and serial quitters.

Towards the end, I ran far off-script and got quite personal. Hopefully, you’ll find the podcast comforting and enlightening.

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Why Covey’s Big Rocks Illustration Is Wrong

Covey's Big Rocks

You may have heard of Stephen Covey’s (author of First Things First) prioritization system. He stresses the need for us to differentiate the truly important from the merely urgent.

To be sure, Covey has contributed a lot of great thinking on how to manage our time well. But there are some areas where I think people misunderstand his points.

And although it’s a nice conversation piece, I think Covey’s famous “big rocks” illustration leads people in the wrong direction.