Matt Perman and the Gospel-Productivity Relationship – Part 1 – Episode 18

Interview with Matt Perman

Duration: 45:32

It’s my privilege to air an interview with Matt Perman, author of the upcoming book What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done.

When you think about a distinctly Christian perspective on our time and productivity, Matt Perman is without a doubt one of the first names that will come to your mind. Listen in to this first part of the interview, where Matt shares a lot of great thoughts about how to be truly productive and to glorify God with our everyday lives.

In This Episode…

In this episode, you’ll hear Matt talk about:

– The roles of discipline and passion
– How to pursue excellence without being a perfectionist
– What the difference is between a legalistic productivity approach and a gospel-based productivity approach.
– How to approach productivity and life when you’re not really enjoying God’s grace and his love.
– The crucial nature of understanding justification by faith alone and how that affects productivity
– The roles of discernment and uncertainty in productivity
– What it was like writing his upcoming book
– What he hopes that readers take away from the book

What point stuck out to you the most?

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