Make Time For Relationships: How and Why – Episode 4

Make Time for Relationships

Duration: 17:32

Maybe you’re the type of person that highly values relationships – but just can’t seem to find the time to fit them in.

Or maybe you’re like I was: You’re content with doing your own thing, and relationships feel a little bit like a hassle at times.

In this episode, we’ll look at three biblical and practical reasons why relationships are important. And we’ll also talk about six tips that can help you make time for relationships in your busy schedule.

In This Episode…

Take a listen to find out:

– A few simple but powerful tips to make time for relationships.
– The key to wisely dealing with interruptions.
– One perspective change that can greatly affect relationships.
– A biblical view of relationships in your daily life.
– The wide range of (surprising) reasons why relationships are beneficial.

If you have any questions about time management tips or theological issues about time stewardship, let me know. If you have any particular struggles or issues – or if you’re looking for tips on anything – let me know!

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Photo Credit: Jimee, Jackie, Tom, and Asha (Creative Commons)

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