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The Little-Itty-Bitty Sin of Wasting Time

I had some work projects I knew I should be focusing on, but I was procrastinating. “An internet game for a few minutes and then I’ll get back to work – honest.”

Deep down I knew it was wrong – the Christlike thing would have been to suck it up and get down to business. Certainly not idling my time away on some game.

But oh well. It’s not like it’s a big deal…right?


Everyone else is doing it…

As fallen human beings, we often have such a distorted and incorrect view of sin.

Committing adultery, stealing a car – bad.
Stuffing ourselves at a buffet, occasionally gossiping – no big deal.

I don’t think we consciously believe that God glosses over our sins in that manner, but in the day to day living it’s easy for us to not feel searing conviction when a certain sin is commonplace in our lives and in the lives of others.

Something like wasting a few minutes on an internet game seems so harmless.

But it is a sin. A sin that makes me worthy of hell.

This is no small matter. My time-wasting was one of the reasons that Jesus was nailed to the cross.

God, Not Activity

So do we have to go, go, go every second of the day? Is slowing down for an instant a damnable sin?

No. The Bible talks about rest. The Bible talks about valuing relationships.

The standard that God put forward is not one of constant motion and activity. I don’t see Jesus living that way.

But I do know that God puts forward this standard: He alone is to be our god.

My god should not be my uneasiness at tackling a tough task. My god shouldn’t be pleasure or comfort or entertainment.

He is to be God. And whether I relax or work or play or read or sleep or spend time with my family – it is to be done in His will and in a manner that is pleasing to Him.

When I know that clicking around to that internet game is not what God wants me to do at that moment, then to continue to do so is sin.

Remembering the Good News and the Hard Reality

God’s standard is high.

But the good news is that Jesus came to live a perfect life and die so that our sins are forgiven. My objective is not to beat you up but to point you to the cross.

Not only can Jesus give you pardon for your sins, but He alone is the one who can empower you to live an obedient life.

The bar is set high, yes. But the power of God in us is higher.

But do not forget: sin is still sin.

Do not buy into what our culture says. Wasting time is a sin. And it is not a little-itty-bitty sin. (There’s no such thing.)

Judge your time usage by God’s standards, not the world’s. And with every action and every passing moment, remember who your God really is.

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