Know When to Be on Guard

One of the greatest assets you can develop in time stewardship is taking a good, hard, realistic look at yourself. Be aware of your general strengths and weaknesses, but also be attentive to the small details.

For instance: Know when to be on guard.

A struggling alcoholic knows to be on guard when he drives past a bar he used to frequent. A dieter knows to be on guard at a Christmas party with loads and loads of desserts.

It’s the same for us as we focus on redeeming the time and making the most of every minute that God has entrusted to us. Know your particular weaknesses.

Waking Up

When it comes to time stewardship, the biggest battle of the day happens when my alarm first goes off. I’m not thinking clearly. My bed is comfortable. Rarely do I feel full of zest and energy for those first few seconds of the day.

It’s easy for me to just slap the snooze button again and again. And again.

There are lots of possible solutions to this, such as placing the alarm clock across the room. But the main thing I’ve learned is to just get out of bed and get going. That’s the ONLY thing that matters.

Once I get going, I start to knock the cobwebs off my mind and get going. I get passed the situation where I need to be on guard.

Taking a Break

After a good stint of focused work, I often take a little mini-break just to refresh my mind. This may consist of checking my Email, browsing websites, talking with family or friends for a little bit – who knows?

The problem comes when this mini-break becomes not so mini.

I’ve learned to define a time for this break and then to set a timer. Timer goes off – it’s back to work.

Browsing the Web

I subscribe to several blogs which I enjoy reading. There’s a lot of good information in there and I find it valuable to participate in that community.

But before I know it, one click here and one click there becomes this endless torrent of infotainment.

To rectify this, I have a defined time period set aside for reading of this sort. I set a timer and I don’t go over.

The Important Take-Away

This is just what I have to be on guard against – your situation may differ. But the important part is that you figure out your situation. Be brutally honest with yourself, even about (especially about) those little fragments of time that you don’t think are any big deal.

Where do you need to be on guard?
What solutions can you put in place for these times?

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