The Hidden but Dangerous Way We Waste Time – Episode 8

Duration: 18:17

In this episode, we talk about something that we all probably struggle with.

Time is wasted not in large chunks, but in small bits – a minute here, a few minutes there. Those squandered moments add up to lost days and wasted years.

There’s a practical component to this issue: learning how to have better focus and to minimize those wasted blocks of time. But there’s also a spiritual component to be examined. We need to make sure our hearts are right and not just our activity level.

In This Episode…

Take a listen to find out:

– Why taking breaks can be a dangerous use of time
– Five Practical Ways to avoid wasting small amounts of time
– Scriptural passages on wasting time in small chunks
– The correct spiritual way to think about how we defend and define our time.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

The Prayer Test

The Good, Better, and Best Way to Eliminate Distractions

– Allistair Begg’s sermon “Make the Most of Every Opportunity

Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength

Proverbs 24:30-34

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