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Hello, My Name Is…

Let me just start right out the gate by saying that I struggle with being a good steward of my time.

And by struggle, I mean fail. Hard. Repeatedly.

I don’t say that in a cutesy way. I really mean that if you could watch a video compilation of my wasted moments, you’d think I was the last person on the planet that should have a blog about time stewardship.

I don’t even want to think about all the time I’ve wasted channel flipping, playing internet spades, aimlessly web browsing, and doing stupid task after stupid task in order to procrastinate.

I think that my own weakness in time stewardship has led to a passion in the subject – and eventually to this blog.

So why try to hide that?

Truth in Blogging

I tell myself that to really teach people, they have to trust me. I want to fulfill the purpose of this site: to equip God’s people to be good stewards of their time so that they may advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ and bring Him glory.

And it seems that the best way to gain that trust is to be an authority. We like to hear from people who know their stuff.

But I’ve resolved that the way I’m going to gain your trust is by being real. Warts and all.

If you want a time stewardship blog written by a person who pretends to have it all together, then you’ll have no problem finding plenty.

Instead, I hope what you’ll really be interested in is a sincere blog. A blog written by someone who scrapes and fights to be a better steward. A blog written by someone who scrapes and fights to bring this passion and message to God’s people in order to teach them to scrape and fight to be better stewards.

Then, I hope you’ll be interested in a blog that reminds us that all of this happens not because of any effort we put out – but because of Christ’s grace that is working within us and giving us the power to scrape and fight.

Whose Blog Is This?

I’m currently reading Humility by C.J. Mahaney, and last night I listened to a talk by Joel Beeke on Cultivating Private Prayer as a Pastor (which you can see for free, as I did, on Desiring God’s website).

It’s really hit me that so much of my efforts – in my time management, in my service to God, in my work, and in this blog – are all about me getting the glory.

And even though I know on an intellectual level that God is the one working through me in this blog ministry, how often does my prayer life reflect that? How often have I admitted my own inadequacy and fervently prayed that God would work through this blog for His glory?

My Prayer

My prayer is that God would be the sole one receiving glory from this blog and that I would not want any of it for myself.

My prayer is that I can learn to depend on God for everything – but specifically for my time stewardship and for this blog. I’ve even been praying as I wrote this post that I could express the thoughts that are swirling around.

My prayer is also that, through this blog, He could teach you to be a better steward of the resources He’s entrusted you with.

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