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God and Rest: Right and Wrong Views on Leisure – Episode 5

God and rest

Duration: 15:01

Many Christians have an incorrect view of rest. It’s evident from blogs to books to day-to-day conversations.

Our society has influenced how we think about rest and leisure, and we need to reclaim a truly biblical perspective on these issues.

Once we grasp a correct understanding of rest, then we’ll be freed to make some practical changes to how we engage in rest and leisure in our daily lives.

In This Episode…

Take a listen to find out:

– Three very common but incorrect views on rest.
– Three key points of a biblical perspective.
– Three changes we can make to how we rest.

Also mentioned: Here’s Redeeming the Time: A Christian Approach to Work and Leisure.

If you have any questions about time management tips or theological issues about time stewardship, let me know. If you have any particular struggles or issues, or if you’re looking for tips on anything, let me know!

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