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Frustrated by Using God

Frustrated by Using God

When we see our time management through the lens of scripture, we realize that we’ve got the Holy Spirit to empower us.

Imagine the good that could come in our life through the Spirit’s power. Imagine the Holy Spirit’s activity doing away with procrastination, overcommitment, sloth, frantic busyness, misplaced priorities, and guilt from wasted time.

What a breath of fresh air that would be.

But perhaps some of the reasons you’re frustrated with your time stewardship is because you’re trying to use God instead of allowing him to use you.

The Misguided Magician

Why would we want the Spirit’s activity in our life anyway?

Is it because you want help dealing with your issues? You feel inadequate and you want to do better?

In Forgotten God, Francis Chan points out the problem with that:

“Do you want to experience more of the Holy Spirit merely for your own benefit? When the answer is yes, then we are no different from Simon the magician, who tried to buy the Holy Spirit’s power from the apostles.”


The Holy Spirit is not some electric force that we harness. He’s God in us, working to achieve his purposes in our lives.

We are to be led by the Spirit, not the other way around.

So take a moment and think: Why do you really want the Spirit’s activity in how you manage your time?

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