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How to Free Up an Entire 40-hour Workweek

6 Minutes and 35 Seconds
6 minutes and 35 seconds.

That doesn’t seem like a lot of time, does it?

Do you regularly spend that much time checking Email? Making coffee? Surfing the internet? Staring at the walls and daydreaming?

Well, let this blow your mind: 6 minutes and 35 seconds a day adds up to, over the course of a year, a 40-hour workweek.

If you spend just 6 minutes and 35 seconds a day playing Angry Birds – that’s 40 hours of Angry Birds a year. If you save 6 minutes and 35 seconds a day by cutting out waste, that’s an entire workweek you’ve freed up.

Where Could You Save 6 minutes and 35 Seconds a Day?

Do you waste time looking for things in your office or at home? Even if you can find everything – are your home and office arranged for maximum efficiency?

If you regularly have to retrieve files (paper or digital), have you thought about how to make that as efficient as possible?

How much time could you save if you organized your Email filing system with speed in mind?

As crazy as it sounds – if you spend an entire workweek setting up your workspace and files for maximum efficiency and you save more than 6 minutes and 35 seconds a day, you end up being better off at the end of the year (not to mention how you’ll save an entire workweek every year after that).

What tasks do you regularly perform that you could make small improvements to?

What are some small ways you waste time?

Do you lose your concentration easily and end up working inefficiently?

Are you taking too many “mental breaks” at work? Or taking breaks for too long?

Do you spend too much time watching TV? Surfing the internet? Playing video games?

Do you spend too much time on facebook and twitter?

Do you hit snooze on your alarm clock?

Do you lose focus while reading and have to reread sections?

What are other ways you can think of to save 6 minutes and 35 seconds a day?

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