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How to Feel Less Busy in Three Seconds

Feel Less Busy

You might laugh when I tell you how to feel less busy. You might immediately stop reading this post.

But maybe there’s a chance you’ll agree.

Either way, I hope this at least gets you thinking.

Here’s how you can feel less busy in three seconds:

Stop telling yourself that you’re busy.

Constant Reminding

Probably not the advice you were hoping for. Perhaps it seems naïve. But hear me out.

Have you ever noticed that everyone always thinks they’re busy? “How are you doing?” is most often answered, “Busy, busy, busy!”

I think part of this problem lies in the fact that we value being busy. We tell ourselves that busyness means we’re important. Busyness means we’re not lazy.

But a lot of the issue lies in the fact that we constantly reconfirm our own busyness. We’re constantly psyching ourselves up over our own loaded schedules. Throughout the day, we’re mentally rolling around in our own busyness like a pig rolls in mud.

Thoughts Affect Emotions and Actions

And this can have startling effects, because our thought patterns have tremendous power over us.

If you spend all day mulling over your spouse’s faults, you’ll be much more hostile with them in the evening. If you spend all day telling yourself that you’re a loser and you have no willpower, you’ll be much more likely to not follow your diet and exercise plan.

When you tell yourself all day that you’re busy, you’ll feel busy.

When you get home, you’ll need that two hours sitting in front of the TV doing nothing. That’s your time to recuperate. You’ll feel it’s almost entitled to you after such a busy day.

You’ll be less willing to serve your spouse and family, because you’ve constantly been telling yourself that your day was hectic and busy.

You’ll naturally feel hurried and restless. You’ll feel stressed. You’ll feel uncomfortable. You’ll feel partially guilty when you rest and partially guilty when you’re not resting.

Instead, what if you acknowledged that you had a lot on your plate – but also acknowledged that it’s really not that bad?

Replace with Grace

And then take a good look at yourself.

What do your feelings of busyness tell you? Why are you busy in the first place?

God could be using your busyness to reach you. Don’t miss that.

Are you chasing approval? Are you trying to earn God’s love?

Do you need to replace your internal monologue of “I am so busy” with reminders of God’s grace and current approval?

Photo Credit: Wagner Machado Carlos Lemes (Creative Commons)

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