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Enjoying the Growing: Addressing a Problem with Setting Goals

One of the foundations of effectiveness is goals: setting them, reviewing them, and acting on them. This is Productivity 101.
But there’s a common problem with goals. They keep us so focused on our desired outcomes that the present passes us by. We move from milestone to milestone, waking up one day to realize that our lives have been joyless pursuits of what’s always over the horizon.
To be sure, Christians should live with an eternal perspective. Yet we glorify God by our attitudes in the present. “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him,” goes the famous John Piper quote. That joy and satisfaction don’t happen when our days are consumed with chasing the carrot on the end of a stick.
How can we combine present satisfaction in God with ambitiously setting goals for our future?

That’s the opening for my guest post today on What’s Best Next. If you’re interested in productivity, leadership, or management from a Christ-centered perspective, then What’s Best Next is a must-read blog. The author, Matt Perman, is the Director of Strategy at Desiring God and has an upcoming book on the relationship between productivity and the gospel (which is sure to be amazing).

I’d like to thank Matt for allowing me to guest post. Head over there to check it out!

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