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Do Not Forget the Power of Your Dreams


I’ve been writing a lot about something that’s been on my mind and heart: that wasting time is a sin. It’s critical that we realize the extent of our sin and take it seriously.

Yet, too much of this focus leaves us with a skewed perspective.

We Need to Dream

We focus too much on what we’re running away from instead of focusing on what we’re running towards. We get consumed with not wasting time and seeing a short list of mistakes instead of being consumed with what we accomplished and seeing a long list of good things we created that day.

Discipline that is driven by self-effort will only get you so far.

What’s going to get you up at the crack of dawn, what’s going to keep you hustling throughout the day, and what’s going to get you to focus is… a dream.

What’s Your Dream?

Maybe it’s a dream to raise your children well. Or a dream to change lives through the bible study you lead.

Maybe it’s a dream to clothe the poor of your city. Or a dream to take the gospel to foreign nations.

A dream to pastor a church. A dream to graduate from college. A dream to give more. A dream to start a business. A dream to write books. A dream to leave a godly legacy.

Not a dream to hear the praise of men or to chase the earthly visions of success. But a dream to bring glory to the most beautiful being in the universe and then to hear at the end of our journey, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

There are as many dreams as there are dreamers, but sometimes we let our dreams cool off. We focus on what we’re not doing instead of letting God fire us up to do more and be more and live more – for him.

So take some time to dream as we complete the transition into a new year. Remember what you’re running towards.

What are your dreams for this year and your life?

Photo Credit: notfrancois (Creative Commons)

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