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Just Dive In Already!

I’ve noticed a dangerous combination in my personality – maybe you’re the same.

For one, I love to learn how to do things the right way. I love reading and thinking and talking and perfecting my methods. I love looking for different perspectives and digging deep into my interests.

I also really don’t like to fail. I don’t like launching into something and sputtering out. What’s the point, I tell myself, in tackling something if I’m not going to see it through successfully?

When these two thoughts mix together, the end result is paralysis. I don’t actually start doing anything until I’ve assured myself that I know everything that I could possibly need to know.

Understanding Development

I contrast that line of thought with other areas of my life. There seems to be a pattern to the things that I’ve actually accomplished and the areas where I’ve really grown. I started by just diving in and figuring it out as I went along.

I can remember getting a bass guitar for Christmas when I was 14. An hour later, I had everything plugged up and was tickled to be playing a few notes. You can’t even really call it music so much as noise.

I wish I had a video of the first few Bible classes I ever taught. I tried my best, and I think the Spirit blessed it. But I had no clue what I was doing, and I bet it showed.

I acquired information about how to play bass and how to teach, but I didn’t do so in a vacuum before I ever got started. I jumped in and viewed the experience as a process of learning.

Developing Time Management Skills

It’s great that you’re reading a blog on time stewardship. But are you one of those people who wants to get everything together, and THEN start applying what you’re learning?

Don’t wait!

Just dive in. Learn what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Acquire more information as you go about your journey – in fact, acquire more information constantly. But get started.

The Best Way to Learn

As I’ve played bass and incorporated what I’ve learned, I’ve developed a style that works for me. I’ve discovered what I like to do and what I don’t like to do. As I’ve taught, I’ve tried things that bombed and tried things that were successful.

In the middle of the journey is the best place to apply information.

Testing the effectiveness of a new tip or trick or thought or philosophy is best done in the real world of real practice.

Dive in!

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