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Church Productivity: Organizational Effectiveness and Not Personal Effectiveness

For a long time, my desire has been to not waste my life. I wanted to do great things for God and to bring him as much glory as possible.

But I was going about it all wrong.

That’s the opener for a guest post I have today on What’s Best Next, the blog of Matt Perman. Thanks to Matt for allowing me the privilege of guest posting.

You can read the post right here.

It discusses changing the way we look at effectiveness. Rather than focusing on how we can be productive as individuals, the Bible shows us how we should be concerned about the effectiveness of the church.

So head on over to What’s Best Next to check it out, and while you’re there read a few other articles from Matt.

What’s Best Next is a blog on productivity from a Christian perspective – and it’s hands-down one of my favorite blogs. Matt is the Director of Strategy for Desiring God, so he blogs about management, leadership, and theology as well. He has an upcoming book due out in a few months too – so be on the lookout for that!

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