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The Secret of Time Stewardship and Why Most Beginners Miss It

I remember talking about stewardship in a small group at church when I brought up a concept I’m passionate about: (surprise!) time stewardship. One gentleman in particular, a middle-aged professional, perked up his ears.

He was a mature believer, a Sunday School teacher, and a manager at his workplace. He seemed to have had a fair amount of experience with time management concepts, not only in managing himself but also in teaching others at his workplace how to manage their time.

And the questions he asked showed a common misunderstanding that many people have about time stewardship.
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Should Our Goals Be Realistic – Or Should We Reach for the Stars?

I was talking to a friend of mine who I greatly respect. He’s an Olympic caliber athlete, a successful businessman, and one of the most focused and driven people I know.

His philosophy on goal setting is to set lofty and absolutely unrealistic goals. Therefore, he claims, you’ll work that much harder, reach that much higher, and accomplish that much more. “Reach for the stars and you’ll touch the sky,” he says.

His life is a powerful testament to the affect of setting big goals. But yet, I have to disagree with him. I believe that goals need to be realistic.
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