Commuting like Christ and the Blessings of Travel Time – Episode 14

Duration: 11:47

We tend to look at commuting as a necessary evil. It’s the gap in between the important and meaningful parts of our life where we get stuff done.

Our approach, therefore, is to do everything we can to remain productive and get the most out of our travel time.

But looking at Christ gives us a very different view about how he approached commuting.

In this episode, we take a look at the differences between the way Jesus commuted and how we travel today. We’ll also look at a few practical ways that we could view our travelling as a blessing and commute like Jesus.


Dealing with the Fear of Organization and To-Do Lists – Episode 13

Duration 20:44

A listener Emailed me a question about feeling a sense of dread and overwhelm whenever he started trying to get organized.

The obligations were so many. The tasks were piled high. The stress was mind-numbing.

He sensed that there were spiritual issues lurking in the background – so how could he pray and meditate on scriptures to effectively overcome this?

In this episode, we take a look at how the seriousness of our sin and the power of the gospel mean that we’re given certain promises when we face overwhelming stress and nervous feelings as we try to be productive, to get organized, and to steward our time well.


How to Stop Perfectionism in Its Tracks – Episode 12

How to Stop Perfectionism

Duration: 23:53

I received a great question from a listener that really got my gears turning.

Perfectionism is a dangerous tendency that can lead us to procrastination, missed opportunities, and wasted time.

Yes, we want to do thing with excellence. But we don’t want to be obsessive that we go overboard with perfectionism.

But how do we know where to draw the line? When do you keep working on a project and when do you launch?

In this episode, we take a look at the heart issues buried underneath perfectionism – and I share eight tips on how to judge when it’s right to launch a project or to continue refining what you’re working on.


God’s Blessing in Busyness – Episode 11

Duration: 12:42

There’s real pain in busyness and stress. Naturally, we want to escape that pain as quickly as possible. But don’t be so eager to reduce stress that you miss the blessings God could have for you in the midst of your pain.

Although these times of stress aren’t caused by God, our sovereign God uses everything (even the results of our own sins) for our ultimate good – transforming us to be more like Christ.

So take some time to consider your busyness and your stress. What could God be trying to say to you in the midst of this storm?

Now Providing Transcripts

A few people have mentioned to me that it would be helpful to have outlines of the podcast or transcripts. I’ve provided a full transcript below, adding in subheadings for easier reading. Please let me know if this is a feature you like!


We Have Been Given a Spirit of Self-Control – Episode 10

Spirit of Self-Control

Duration: 14:44

Once we start trying to make the most of our time, we inevitably come to realize how inconsistent and undisciplined we are. Who doesn’t want more discipline and self-control?

But Paul told Timothy that “God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

In this podcast episode, we’ll take a brief look at the concept of self-control and self-discipline. We’ll also talk about the link between faith and self-control.


How to Inspire Others to Be Productive, Courageous, and Hard-Working – Episode 9

How to Inspire Others to Be Productive, Courageous, and Hard-Working

Duration: 17:11

One of the questions that I’ve seen asked again and again is this: “How do we inspire people to be more productive?”

Whether it’s our coworkers, spouses, children, friends, or whoever – we run across people who seem content to just stay the way they are.

They encounter the same problems day after day. They’re disorganized, they procrastinate, they complain about constant stress – but they never do anything to change.

How can we inspire them to want to change?


The Hidden but Dangerous Way We Waste Time – Episode 8

Duration: 18:17

In this episode, we talk about something that we all probably struggle with.

Time is wasted not in large chunks, but in small bits – a minute here, a few minutes there. Those squandered moments add up to lost days and wasted years.

There’s a practical component to this issue: learning how to have better focus and to minimize those wasted blocks of time. But there’s also a spiritual component to be examined. We need to make sure our hearts are right and not just our activity level.


How to Stop Being a Serial Quitter – Episode 7

Duration: 25:12

Today, I answer a listener question about being a serial starter and a serial quitter.

It’s a tendency I can identify with, because I find so much of the same behaviors in myself. So I hope that I can peel back the layers and talk about what’s really going on deep down with serial starters and serial quitters.

Towards the end, I ran far off-script and got quite personal. Hopefully, you’ll find the podcast comforting and enlightening.

Balanced Life Podcast

Sometimes You Have to Work Long Hours – Episode 6

Working Long Hours

Duration: 14:05

Things have been pretty hectic for me lately, and I’ve been working some long hours.

Is that a problem? Is that biblically acceptable?

After discussing rest in the last episode, it seemed appropriate to discuss some perspectives on work in this episode.

Balanced Life Podcast

God and Rest: Right and Wrong Views on Leisure – Episode 5

God and rest

Duration: 15:01

Many Christians have an incorrect view of rest. It’s evident from blogs to books to day-to-day conversations.

Our society has influenced how we think about rest and leisure, and we need to reclaim a truly biblical perspective on these issues.

Once we grasp a correct understanding of rest, then we’ll be freed to make some practical changes to how we engage in rest and leisure in our daily lives.