Tapping into the Source of Motivation

Fuel Gauge

Maybe it’s procrastinating by playing games on the internet. Maybe it’s slapping the snooze button a few times instead of lacing up those jogging shoes.

We all have areas where our discipline falls short of where we’d like it to be.

We need to remind ourselves that we already have God’s approval.

But we also need to remind ourselves of how and where we really get our motivation.

Balanced Life Discipline

Before You Stress about Invasions of Your Personal Time

Lock to Gate

A comedy skit I remember from a long time ago opened up by showing a man walking out his front door. He goes to lock the gate to the fence surrounding his yard.

Apparently, he’s very serious about no one entering his yard, because the gate is covered with multiple locks. He spends about 30 seconds latching deadbolts, turning keys, and securing padlocked chains.

As he walks away, the camera reveals that, despite his zealous concern for locking his gate, the fence to his yard is only about 2 feet high with huge gaps in it.

It made me laugh.

But how many of us do the same with our time? And how does that affect our relationships?

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Seth Godin on Busy Work

If you sat at work all day watching Hawaii Five-O reruns, you’d probably lose your job. But it’s apparently fine to tweak and update your Facebook account for an hour. That’s “connecting to your social graph.”


Top 10 Posts from 2011

Looking back at the posts from 2011, here are some of my personal favorites listed in no particular order.

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Why I Disagree with the Experts on Living out Priorities

We’ve looked at how busyness can be a sign of laziness. But how do we solve this? How do we keep ourselves from filling our schedules with low-value tasks?

Balanced Life Discipline

Busy and Lazy at the Same Time

Although we don’t like the sensation of being busy, we tend to view our busyness as a virtue. We think of constant activity as the hallmark of someone who is productive.

But that’s a huge misconception. Busyness can actually be a symptom of laziness, ineffectiveness, and procrastination. In fact, most of the time I’m busy – it’s precisely because I’m being lazy.


How To Sow in Tears

Psalm 126:5-6

Those who sow in tears
shall reap with shouts of joy!
He who goes out weeping,
bearing the seed for sowing,
shall come home with shouts of joy,
bringing his sheaves with him.

It’s a privilege to be a steward of God’s resources. It’s a joy to participate with him in his work.

But make no mistake: there will be days where that joy isn’t presently felt. Whether it’s at work, at school, in discipleship, in evangelism, in parenthood – there will be days when doing the right thing feels hard and painful. There will be days when our sowing is accompanied by tears.

The important thing in this passage is to notice where the sower looks in the midst of his sadness.

Balanced Life Discipline

Do You Have a Time Management Problem or a Love Problem?

I heard something insightful today: It’s hard to really serve that which we don’t love.

You can tough it out and serve for a season even if you don’t love. You can be nice and act the part in public if you don’t love.

But fully serving someone is impossible if you don’t love them. Serving them with your actions, with your words, with your time – your success is dependent on how much you love.


The Distractions Are Part of Your Work

Today, I’ll be cleaning and organizing my new office.

I really can’t stand cleaning and organizing.

I’m fairly organized, but the process of getting there is horribly boring. I’m not one of these type-A people who get excited about manila folders and binder clips.

There are parts of my job that I love. There are parts that I feel truly matter. It’s easy to look at these as my real job – and everything else, like getting my office neat, as just distractions.

The salesman has a passion for finding new customers but can’t stand filing all the paperwork that his job requires. The Sunday School teacher loves the thrill of hearing kids recite scripture from memory, but dealing with unruly kids is draining and something she’d rather not have to do. The touring musician enjoys playing in front of crowds but hates the grueling boredom of travelling from gig to gig.

But it’s all part of your work.

The less desirable parts are still part of your work. Organizing is part of your work. Processing your inbox is part of your work. Continually educating yourself in your field is part of your work.

And we are to work as unto the Lord even in these seemingly extraneous areas.

Rather than divide the activities up, we can choose to intentionally view them as tied together – as inseparable.

Biblical Worldview Discipline

The Righteous Falls and Rises Again

Whether it’s managing your time, being a godly spouse, or being faithful in your ministry, one of the hardest things to do is get back up after you fall.

It’s difficult enough to keep your momentum when everything’s going well. But to get back going after failure is a challenge that derails the best of us. The wasted time between failure and trying again is the killer of our days and dreams.