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How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Finding Your Calling

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Finding Your Calling

Being an effective steward of our time goes beyond to-do lists and calendars. We need to make sure that we’re serving where God wants us to serve and participating where God wants us to participate.

Finding our callings are crucial. Whether they’re lifelong callings or just serving in the local church for the next few weeks, our productivity for the kingdom requires us to be diligent in going where God wants us to go.

And I see a mistake being made over and over again that keeps us ineffective and unproductive.

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Refreshing Hearts in the 21st Century

Refreshing the Hearts of Others

It seems to be a common theme when I ask people how they’re doing.

They’re tired.

It’s the busyness of life. It’s the constant hours. It’s the trouble and the pain and the exhaustion that comes from living in a fallen world.

People are in need of being refreshed.

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Sanity in Biblical Time Management: Understanding Failure

The key to biblical time management is understanding failure

The key to biblical time management isn’t stressing about the newest app or the organization of your task lists.

It’s all about how you think: how you view success, productivity, and motivation.

And one of the most important concepts to properly understand is failure.

Misconceptions here not only make us unfruitful, but they keep us in a constant state of stress and worry.

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The Enemy of Prayer Isn’t Busyness

Pray Messy

In our modern culture, one of the primary barriers we have to effective prayer is simply being too busy. Or so we think.

In A Praying Life, Paul E. Miller provides two keen insights into breaking through this busyness barrier.

He calls us to examine our hearts. Then, we realize that busyness isn’t the problem. The enemy of prayer is a lack of understanding of the gospel.
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Your Prayers Answered by Systems

God uses systems

A lot of people shy away from productivity tools and principles.

Time management seems to come from a world of materialism and greed. Productivity, to many, is all about achieving as much as we possibly can to gratify our selfish egos.

Many people want to live far away from productivity tools. They don’t want schedules and calendars and task lists – they want a life of freedom and of being in-tune with the Spirit.

But we need to understand that God can, and does, work through productivity tools. And they may just be the answer to our prayers.

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Know Well the Condition of Your Task Lists

Know Well the Condition of Your Task Lists

The Bible, particularly in Proverbs, is full of encouragements for us to work diligently. Laziness is condemned. Industry is praised.

But Proverbs 27:23 gives us a particularly interesting perspective on what diligence looks like, and it carries some fascinating implications for us in the modern day.
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Don’t Concentrate on God’s Will for Your Future

The Thinker

How many times have you heard someone wonder what God’s will was for their life? How many times have you wondered about what his plan was for your future?

In Forgotten God, Francis Chan points out a major problem with this line of thinking. It puts all of our focus on the future and what God could possibly do in our lives then. And that takes our eyes off the present, where the Spirit is beckoning us to sacrifice, to work, and to grow.
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Even Your Smallest Actions Matter

Your Actions MatterDo you wake up with the passion that your life is meaningful and accomplishing something?

Do you feel like what you do matters? Really matters?

Perhaps there are certain areas where you feel important – fleeting moments of significance.

Let me tell you this. There is a war going on behind the scenes, and Satan would love to make you believe that your actions are meaningless.

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You’re Not Expected to Know the Future

Crystal Ball

I wrote earlier about changing our definition of success from results to faithfulness. If we’re faithful, we are successful – no matter the outcome.

But there’s a corollary to this point that we must not forget.

We have to be faithful to make good decisions with the information available to us, but we can’t worry about information that we don’t possess.
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The Problem with Spiritual Gifts Tests

Several years ago, I took a spiritual gifts test at my local church.

Maybe you’ve seen these tests. You answer a bunch of multiple choice questions – and based on your answers, you are ranked for various spiritual gifts.

Like everyone else, I ranked high for some gifts and low for others. Continue Reading…

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