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Satan Attacks You with Good Things

Satan attacks with good things

Beware of good things, because the enemy of best isn’t bad. It’s good.

This is well known by Satan.

The power of Satan’s attacks lies in their deception. The enemy’s primary strategy is not to overwhelm us with his power, but to outwit us with his craftiness.

John Piper with a wise word about how tricky the attacks from Satan are:

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God’s Half-Time Speech

God's Half-Time Speech

It’s the best moment in sports movies: the motivational speech given by the coach during half-time. The team entered the locker room disheartened but leaves determined and ready to play their best.

A lot of us are winded and in need of a good pump-up speech ourselves.

And God gives a great one – although it’s not quite the speech that we may have expected.

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Don’t Let Time Management Feed Your Self-Sufficiency

Don't Let Time Management Feed Your Self Sufficiency

In Radical, David Platt on the disciples during the early stages of the church:

“This is the group that the spread of Christianity depends on. So what are they doing? They are not plotting strategies. They are ‘joined together constantly in prayer.’”

A lot of the interest in time management is due to our pride.

We want to do more than is possible. We want to perform to bolster our self-esteem. We define ourselves by what we accomplish.

The whole time, we may label this as zeal to be a good steward, but deep down that’s not what’s going on. In reality, we want to be Superman or Superwoman in order to feel good about ourselves.

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Going Out of Your Way to Avoid Wasting Time

going out of your way to avoid wasting time

Occasionally, people will ask what scripture verses apply to the way we manage our time. With a narrow focus on strictly just time management, it seems like there aren’t many explicit references.

But it’s a humbling, challenging, and yet empowering truth to realize that misusing our time is a sin. It’s empowering because then all of the general promises and instructions on sin in scripture are applicable to our time.

Here’s one that hit me between the eyes as I was reading through Proverbs the other day.

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How to Tackle Unproductive Fears the Biblical Way

How to Tackle Unproductive Fears the Biblical Way

Time management isn’t just about avoiding time wasters. It’s also about zealously investing your time into what matters.

It’s about taking on the fruitful but scary projects, doing the hard work, and pouring your life out for the glory of God.

You may feel a call, a passion, a ripe opportunity to dive into something – but there’s the fear. The fear that you can’t handle it. The fear that you’re inadequate. The fear that you’re a nobody.

The surest way to waste your time is to give in to this fear. We need to fight it, but how do we do that?

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Why God is OK with You Finding What Works for You

God is OK with You Finding What Works for You

We’re pummeled every day by advice from the time management experts. There is no shortage out there of systems, tools, procedures, and approaches.

You’re searching for the perfect one. You’ve given the different methods an honest shot. But some just seem silly. Some seem too rigorous. Some seem like they won’t work in reality.

And you begin to think perhaps something’s wrong with you. You wonder if you’re just lazy. Are you just destined to be unproductive and ineffective?

Don’t lose heart.

One of the unique foundations of biblical productivity is the fact that you are an individual.

Not only is this profoundly Christian, but it’s freeing emotionally and beneficial practically.

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A Proper Understanding of Kairos Time

Proper Understanding of Kairos Time

When Paul instructs us in Ephesians 5 to redeem the time, he chooses a particular word to express his concept of time.

It’s not the Greek word chronos, which means measurable or quantifiable time. It’s kairos, which means a season or an opportune time.

“How much time until lunch?” would use chronos. “Is it time for lunch?” would use kairos.

This word choice leads us to a particular understanding of time. Unlike our modern society, Paul views quality as the important factor in time, not necessarily quantity. I’ve written before about how we incorrectly have a chronos mindset where Paul instructs us to have a kairos mindset.

But I think there is also the danger of going to the opposite extreme.

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One Reason Why You Shouldn’t Downplay the Sin of Wasted Time

Drawbacks to Downplaying the Sin of Wasted Time

I’ve written before about how we tend to minimize the sin of wasting time. We convince ourselves it’s no big deal.

We do that in order to avoid the devastation we feel when we look at God’s perfect standard. But our strategy backfires and we end up missing the life-changing freedom of the gospel.

The problem goes further, though. There are other ways that this plays out. When we downplay our sin, we can actually miss out on some of the blessings that God has for us.

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Be Productive Because God Is Productive

Be Productive Because God Is Productive

The root of bringing God glory is imitating God’s character.

This isn’t true just with what we would think of as morality (not stealing, not lying, not murdering) but is also true with several areas that often don’t get discussed nearly enough.

We rest because God rests. We work because God works. We love because God loves.

We are productive because God is productive.

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Are You Ignoring a Major Path for God’s Wisdom?

Do you want to know a surefire way to waste 10 years of your life?

Spend time learning things on your own that you could’ve learned from a mentor.

This isn’t just practical common sense – it’s a biblical concept.

The Bible speaks clearly about gathering wisdom from reading God’s word. But that’s not the only source that God has given us to instruct us.

A major way that God communicates his wisdom to us is other people.

It seems obvious, I know. But really meditate on it for a while. The implications are staggering.