Balanced Life

Five Ways Busy Parents Can Find Balance

For a lot of parents, back-to-school season means back to being stressed.

There’s homework, soccer practice, piano lessons, church activities, birthday parties for friends – and that’s just Monday.

We want to be good parents. We want to give our children opportunities. But we also want to take care of our health, get adequate rest, have personal devotionals, maintain a loving marriage, and battle that growing mountain of dirty dishes.

How do we balance it all? How can we be good, God-honoring parents, while still being obedient in other areas of our life? How do we make practical and spiritual sense of all of this?

That’s the intro for my guest post today at Pop Parables, the blog of Keri Welch. She uses metaphors and parables to make thought-provoking points about faith and the Christian life.

Thanks to Keri for allowing me this opportunity, and I hope you all can benefit from the post. Click here to check it out.

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