Better Productivity by Renewing Your Mind with Barb Raveling – Episode 24

Barb Raveling

Duration 39:50

In this podcast episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Barb Raveling, author of The Renewing of the Mind Project.

Whenever we talk about managing our times in more effective ways – ways that bring glory to God – we are talking about more than simply behavior changes.

Changing behaviors and habits starts with changing our thought patterns. And Barb is an expert at what scripture says (and doesn’t say) about how to go about that process.

In This Episode…

Take a listen to this episode to hear Barb speak on:

  • How Barb has increased her own productivity by renewing her mind
  • What advice Barb would give to procrastinators
  • Practical steps for renewing your mind
  • The difference between what you may hear and what the Bible really says about transformation
  • How 10 minutes of renewing your mind can save 5 hours
  • What advice Barb would give to workaholics
  • Why it’s a good thing that transformation is hard
  • How willpower and discipline aren’t necessarily the answer

Resources Mentioned:

Barb’s new book: The Renewing of the Mind Project: Going to God for Help with Your Habits, Goals, and Emotions

Barb Raveling’s blog –

Barb Raveling’s Christian Habits Podcast

Barb’s weight loss books:
I Deserve a Donut
Taste for Truth: A 30 Day Weight Loss Bible Study
Freedom from Emotional Eating

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  • Jon Stallings

    Loren and Barb great topic. It is true only the Holy Spirit can renew our minds but we do have to discipline ourselves. To me my act of discipline becomes my step of faith.

    • Loren Pinilis

      Discipline – or self-control – is a fruit of the Spirit, so we can be truly dependent on God even in the midst of our actions.

    • Barb Raveling

      Thanks, Jon. It was fun visiting with Loren about this as his posts and podcasts have helped me so much in my own quest to become more disciplined. (I am not a disciplined person by nature!)

  • Ceil

    Hi Loren and Barb! This was my first podcast from Loren, and it was great! I even took notes. I remember visiting Barbs blog a few years ago, I think she was writing on weight loss at the time. Not super sure about that. But I really enjoyed the new topic, and hearing Loren’s voice too.
    Barb’s book sounds really good. Maybe I’ll have to indulge 🙂
    Hope you had a great weekend!

    • Barb Raveling

      Hi Ceil, thanks for listening to the podcast! I’ve been reading Loren’s blog and listening to his podcasts for a long time now as procrastination and time management have both been huge struggles for me. I always get wise advice from him! You’re right – I have also written on weight loss – also from a renewing of the mind perspective. It was fun to write more of a general renewing of the mind book this time around.

    • Loren Pinilis

      Glad you enjoyed the podcast, Ceil! I hope you check out the book and put it to good use in your life. Barb wrote something that’s really great and so applicable to many areas of life.

  • TCAvey

    Awesome interview! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I pray it reaches those who need to hear it.
    Love your book, Barb.

    • Barb Raveling

      Thanks, TC! I’ve been listening to Loren’s podcast for a long time now so it was really fun to be a guest on the show – I never thought that would happen when I first started listening to it!

      • TCAvey

        Isn’t it awesome how God connects us all? We have little knowledge of the future, but God has it all planned 🙂

        • Barb Raveling

          Yes, It is pretty awesome!

    • Loren Pinilis

      Thanks for listening, TC. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview!

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  • floyd

    I’m a pretty lazy, lets have fun person too!

    You’ve done well at harnessing and using the power of God’s gift of free will, Barb. I got my copy of your book and am looking forward to using it.

    Great interview, Loren.

    • Barb Raveling

      Thanks, Floyd, I still have a long ways to go but I’m at least in the “somewhat competent” category now thanks to God. Looking forward to more growth.

    • Loren Pinilis

      It’s a great book, Floyd. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Bernard Haynes

    Enjoyed the interview. Renewing your mind God’s way is the only true way to refresh, recalibrate and refocus your thought life.

    • Barb Raveling

      Love those three r’s, Bernard. It’s the perfect description!

    • Loren Pinilis

      Those are some pretty important things, Bernard!

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